Monday, December 6, 2010

Off to China!

I'm off on a much-needed two week vacay to China before all hell breaks loose and reviews start coming in! The Kirkus one came in this week and drum roll please... they gave it a great review! Phew, I've heard they can be really tough. Anyway, please check in when I return. I promise to have a fun and shameless post. Here's a teaser for you... my best friend's BF just broke up with her in the most oddly devious sorta way that involved an airplane, caller ID, the Fairmont Hotel, a sandwich, and, of course and what else?, a text message. Hope that'll keep you interested for two weeks...




  1. Love the blog, girl!

    Have fun in China -- hopefully it's not raining above the clouds! ;)

  2. You are great at Can't wait to read the next post!