Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello Blog World!

This is the first official blog entry for JUST HIT SEND, an apropos title considering the theme of my book, SAVE AS DRAFT (acronym "SAD," go figure). The theme is, well, "just hit send," an action I repeatedly failed to take over the course of several years (and why I am now writing this blog). If you've scrolled through my website, then you know that I wrote a book entirely in emails, texts, FB messages, and on-line dating profiles about my two failed relationships which spanned 2006-2009. The reason both relationships failed was because I saved, instead of sent, my most critical emails - the ones in which I said what I meant (and meant what I said). I have no doubt that my two former suitors did (or failed to do) the same thing. I've used the world "failed" a lot... but alas I did... love, and I fully blame the fact that I hit "save as draft," instead of send, way too often.

Which brings me back to the title of this blog: I'm calling it JUST HIT SEND because after the demise of my relationships I forbade myself from ever saving another email and instead promised that I would always say (or email) what was on my mind when it comes to matters of the heart. This blog is a fresh start in many ways. And, it's about - what else? - love.  Why?  Because ultimately all of us, even the most cynical, are in this to fall in love, to find "the one” - a task that is becoming increasingly harder in a world that is oversaturated with gadgets and mechanisms by which we can edit and delete ourselves with the stroke of a key instead of... here we go again... just hitting send.

I hope to entertain you with true stories from my life and my friends - be they single, married, gay, straight, or simply "it's complicated."  I hope to make you laugh (because love should be funny). On occasion I also hope to make you cry. At all costs, I hope to impart something of value, something uncensored, something honest. I wouldn't call it wisdom, but I may just go so far as to say a "tidbit" that might be worth a few minutes out of your otherwise crazy high-tech life.

Talk soon,


Friday, November 19, 2010