Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Posting from "These Events Occurred in Real Time..."

"These Events Occurred in Real Time" is going to be my new favorite part of my blog, JUST HIT SEND. Why? Because I love nothing better than watching a crash and burn over the internet. Why? Because I crashed and burned over the internet! Kidding. Really though... here's a "real life" exchange that just (as in five minutes ago) occurred via text messaging.

Quick backstory - my friend, "N," just arrived home after a first date with "I." Yes, she met "I" over the internet.

I: I just wanted to say I enjoyed tonite so much with u... I really hope u want to see me again!? I hope u felt the same way? Did u not feel the same connection I felt?

N: Yes, I am looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Friday?

I: OK... U looked so good tonite... Wow... I really like u a lot... We have so many things in common... You are very sophisticated... Extremely atractive...

N: Thank you... I appreciate it. Let me know what you'd like to do. The Mansion perhaps?

I: Drinks at the bar then a romantic dinner at the mansion would be splendid... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just curious are you dating other guys?

N: Cool. It's a date. :-)

I: Just curious are you dating other guys?

N: And yes I am dating. No one in particular. All plans for the week are with friends, in case you are wondering.

I: So you are talking to the other guys?

N: And why would it pertain to us if I was? I just met you less than 4 hours ago. Why don't we get through a date or two before we have this conversation.

I: Because I am looking for something serious... A committment... So incredibly hard to find these days... If your seeing other guys then I'm no longer interested... good luck in life, N.

N: Um, I think you need to crawl before you walk. It's not that I am not looking longterm - because I am - but I am more interested in taking this one step at a time. If you are not willing to allow me that space and time, then we are not a good match. Good luck, I.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I went out on another Eharmony date last night that was another "1st date only". I shared your book with him, I thought it was fitting :-)